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When it comes to marketing your wedding business, chances are you’re already using our favourite strategy without even realising it! The strategy we are talking about is Content marketing.

Content marketing is simply providing fresh content across your online platforms to capture your brides’ attention. Blog posts, social media, your website, and even newsletters and lead magnets fall into this category.

Content marketing is the go-to digital marketing strategy. Most wedding vendors, just throw up random content with no strategy and cross their fingers and hope it works. That is why we are here to help you! At Bridal Commerce we have been refining the content marketing strategy for our B2B clients since inception.

Bridal Commerce | Content Marketing Services

Your Benefits

The wedding industry has always been creative and visually appealing. But this is more true now than ever before. It’s not enough to be featured in magazines or at a local bridal expo. Your couples are looking for ideas online. Content marketing allows you to show beautiful images while also providing engaging content.

Create amazing visuals

Bridal Commerce | Content Marketing Services

Work for you year-round

Couples get engaged throughout the year, but they don’t always start planning right away. That means you must stay in front of them all year.

While Instagram is fantastic, the content only lasts a few hours or days if it goes viral. A Pinterest pin will last for several months or even years.

But what about blogs? Blogs are timeless! They don’t vanish in 24 hours, leaving you struggling to create new content every day. Our consistent content marketing allows you to reach your target audience at any time of the year. Whether they are newly engaged or in the planning stages.

Bridal Commerce | Content Marketing Services

Making authentic connection

Authenticity has always been an important aspect of a business. However, in recent years, this has become even more prominent! Brides are drawn to bridal boutiques with whom they connect. The days of perfect Instagram feeds and endless generic captions are over.

Your followers should be able to see and interact with you online. This does not mean that you must show your face in every single post. But it does suggest making yourself (or your team) visible! This includes sharing behind-the-scenes videos, connecting stories, and introducing the people behind the business. The beautiful ladies must first like you if they are to trust your brand.

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Steps We Follow

We make use of certain strategies to make your brand stand out.

Bridal Commerce | Content Marketing Services

Instagram Posts/Social Media

The wedding industry greatly follows Instagram stories. We create these stories to add value to the audience.

Bridal Commerce | Content Marketing Services


The content we write is highly SEO-friendly from the scratch. Whether you want to do daily posting or just post your blogs and promote, we do it all.

Bridal Commerce | Content Marketing Services

Printed Material

We can help you with your brochures or magazines that you send out to prospective customers during different bridal shows.

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