Build an audience and retain them with Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Sometimes your marketing strategy fails to give you the desired Return On Investment (ROI). In this case, what you need for your online bridal shop is a well-targeted Email Marketing strategy.

Why Use

Email Marketing

The Right Investment

What are the chances that couples will remember your website when it is time to work with someone? Do you remember every website you visited in the last 6 months? They may adore you but simply forget to contact you, which is a silly reason to miss out on a booking.

Email marketing from Bridal Commerce allows your customers to sign up for your email list so you can stay in touch with them. Couples don’t make these decisions quickly; they spend hundreds of hours researching, so the probability of them booking you on their first website visit is less. You can either see this as an annoyance or as an opportunity.

How do you make the most of it? You set up a sales funnel with our help to nurture them as a lead over time and market to them so that when you are on top of the list when they are ready to work with someone.

Bridal Commerce | Email Marketing Campaign
Bridal Commerce | Email Marketing Campaign

How Our Email Marketing Works

How do you actually get people to sign up for your email list and take action?

Unfortunately, they will not do it simply because you ask them to. What do they gain? Offering something for free in exchange for their email address (an “opt-in offer”) gives them a reason to sign up. Make certain that whatever you decide to offer your valuable customers is appropriate. We can set everything up. Leave it to us as we can strategise your email marketing plan and create content that gets you the click.

Bridal Commerce | Email Marketing Campaign


Our newsletters are an excellent way to keep brides engaged and informed about the latest brand news, new dress styles, and industry trends.

Bridal Commerce | Email Marketing Campaign

Promotional Email Marketing Campaigns

Promotional emails are sent to your subscribers to promote a sale, discount, or special offer. These emails from us have the potential to be extremely effective in terms of generating immediate revenue and encouraging customer loyalty.

Bridal Commerce | Email Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing Campaign Onboarding

New brides, who show interest for your brand receive onboarding emails. These emails welcome them to your brand and introduce them to your wedding dresses and accessories.

Bridal Commerce | Email Marketing Campaign

Re-engagement Email Marketing

Re-engagement emails are sent to inactive subscribers in order to re-engage them with the brand. These emails may contain incentives such as discounts or exclusive content to encourage the subscriber to act.

We can create your email marketing roadmap to make your brand stand out. To get on a discussion.

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